Daily Oracle Card ~ SEEING BEYOND
Do you consider things only within the framework of what you already know? Or can you allow yourself to see beyond, into the vastness of potential? We are all gifted with the magical ability of imagination, and when we open to it, we become a conduit for a Divine vision greater than our own.
There are two ways to view the world and co-create with it: One is from a face-value perspective; what you see is what you get. The second is allowing your imagination to see beyond what something “is” right now and move into a place that doesn’t yet exist in the material world. In this cosmic playground. of possibilities, you see into a future where anything you imagine has the potential to become real.
If you use your imagination faithfully and consciously, avoiding the traps of fearful projection and drama, you can connect to any reality you truly want to experience. When you open yourself even further, you’re often gifted with a Divine vision. As a practice, you can reimagine that vision over and over to strengthen it. As you channel these visions through you, you become a superconductor for the world.
Today know that your vision, what you imagined forming in the invisible, will be delivered into the material world. Don’t worry about the timing of things; that is in the hands of the universe. Your job is to continue to imagine, take a few steps forward, then imagine some more. The universe’s job is to make it real. What a fabulous partnership 💙 Oracles of the 7 Energies