Trauma Transformation

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  I have taken extensive classes to understand trauma on many levels, and I have been trained in various techniques to aid you in understanding and transforming yours as I have done mine. I am a trauma survivor who has sparkle and magic.

 I have a flourishing life with healthy relationships due to transforming my trauma.

Trauma that creates guilt, shame, and unworthiness is the trauma I will help you transform.

I will accompany you on a journey of self-discovery, unpacking energies that are trauma created and stifling you from living your best life.   I will teach you tools to understand and transform your trauma into a mystical experience that will generate self-awareness, inspiration and compassion. It will be an empowering experience that will change your life and boost your intuition.

Are you ready to release the trauma that keeps you stuck and move into a life of worthiness, value and love?