Daily Oracle Card ~ Peace
No matter what is happening on the surface, all is in perfect harmony. Everything is flowing smoothly and effortlessly, as it’s meant to be. Peace transcends fear, rises above the illusion of separation and connects you even more to the creator. It is the awareness that everything is unfolding according to divine timing. True Peace isn’t static and boring; It’s full of grace, enthusiasm, and vitality.
Serenity isn’t something that you need to seek or try to attain – it’s already within you. Remember that you can choose Peace in any circumstance, even when things around you are chaotic, confusing, or irritating.
Breathe deeply and fully, and choose Peace. It can be that simple.
if finding serenity is a challenge, spend time in nature; It is the universal balancer. Simplify your life and clear clutter. Cherish your animal companions. Take care of them, and they will care for you. 🤎 
The Time Travelers’s Oracle

To connect you to Peace instantly you can do a breath meditation. 

On your inhale think or say Peace and on your exhale think or say your first name.

Repeat 9 times