Past Life Regression.


Past Life Regression

I create a safe and welcoming space using my talents for connection and hypnotherapy to guide you into a theta brain wave to access a past life to gain insight, knowledge and understanding for this lifetime.

A PLR is a powerful experience that will change your life.



From a Client:

“Shannon helped me ease my anxiety and showed me how to quiet my mind”

Have you ever had a Past Life Regression (PLR)? Amazing stuff! I had one a month or so ago and am STILL trying to process it all. My amazing friend, Shannon, did the session over the phone and taped it so I could listen back at my convenience. Honestly? I haven’t listened to it yet. I am just not ready, I guess. I remember most of the details from it, but I think actually listening to it is still a bit deeper than I’m willing to dive just yet. (Ha! I just got my own ‘dive’ joke. You’ll understand as you read on…) 🙂As a dear friend of mine would say… “grab a pillow for your butt.”

I’ve never had a PLR before this one, so I wasn’t sure what to expect and had a little anxiety about it. Shannon picked up on this, and chatted with me a bit prior to help ease the anxiety. She explained to me what regression and hypnosis was like. I learned that it wasn’t much different than a guided meditation, except that I would go deeper under. Simple enough, right?

Special Note: You will have an opportunity to chat with your soul between lives and get a specific messages from your soul to empower you in the lifetime you are living right now.

Approx 2-3 hours

PLR session is $150 CAD

In person or on the phone.


Are you ready to change your life?

Your investment : $125 CAD

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