Parallel Lives

I have been researching the concept of parallel lives. Physicists believe in this concept. It is stated that with every decision, we make an aspect of ourselves follows the other path and goes on that journey. A bit overwhelming to think of how many aspects of us there may be. How many universes that are parallel to ours and as aspect of us is living a slightly or completely different life? Cool or freaky? You get to decide.

Hmmm…does a part of you make the other choice and live from there??? Not sure.

I do feel it is the big~life changing choices that create a parallel but different life. I have had dreams where I met myself. It was very cool. I had better hair than I thought. My other self smirked when I said that.

Do you have dreams where you are living a similar but different life? I do. Where I stayed married to my first husband. Thought they were nightmares. Kidding, actually in my dreams the life is better than it was when this aspect of me lived there. I also have dreams where I am married or in a relationship with other people, in different eras, and countries.  Sometimes I am a male, sometimes female.  I always recognize the other people. Interesting, right?

I also have a lot of dreams where my childhood is different, and has different scenes than what I experienced. again. Very interesting.

Another concept of parallel lives is that other aspects of your spirit are incarnated and living completely different kinds of lives than us right now.  A spy in France, or a singer, or a labourer in Mexico~ the possibilities are limitless.  What if during dreamtime we are able to visit some of these existences?

The first inkling I had of this occurred with a client. An aspect of herself living in Costa Rica kept popping up. We had no idea what this meant. At that time there was very limited information on parallel lives. I tried researching. It is only lately that I have been able to find much info. even that is limited. probably because it is a concept that we are consciously exploring now. Now is the time for the information to come forth.

Past lives can be seen as parallel lives. Time only being linear in our current perception. Makes regret seem silly doesn’t it, when an aspect of you is living that decision.

I love the show Being Erica. In it she lists her regrets and then in therapy sessions she gets to go back and live that regret all over again.  She can make changes and she is reliving with her present self awareness. It is interesting the parallels with the regret she goes back to and the situation she is having in the present. How the  past affects the present. She gets new insights on herself and the situations, and finds out it is not exactly as she perceived. A lot more layers to the situations. at times the same result occurs, although the events leading up to the result are changed slightly by Erica.

If you could go back to some regrets, would you? I have thought about this a lot. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes it is no. To have the knowledge and perspective that I have now and apply it to a situation in the past is intriguing. What if we do this exercise during dreamtime?

I do have dreams that follow a sequence, almost like reliving something over, although it changes slightly. Perhaps that is why symbolism is used in dreamtime, because our human understanding at this time cannot process parallel lives or being able to time travel in dreams.   Intriguing.



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  1. Barb Kowalik

    When I was little, I had dreams I was living another life. I’d go to sleep and the “dream me” would wake up and live thei life. I still have ame re-occuring dream. The dream me in the other life, which parallels my own.
    Nothing really exciting happens, but just a continuation….
    Sometimes, I “remember” when I am painting and the images appear in my totems.

    1. Shannon Laackmann

      that is very intriguing Barb. sounds like the “other” you is exploring and gathering ideas for you to paint.

  2. Jeannette

    Hi Shannon Could this be the reason for you telling me I have a twin soul? (possibly living in China, working in a rice paddy?) Very interesting. I wish we could have all these answers to all these ?’s right away. I guess that’s why we never stop learning.

    1. Shannon Laackmann

      Yes, Jeannette

      I was thinking of you as I was writing this article. do you dream about China?

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