Daily Oracle Card ~ NIKE. Ambition
Empowerment Message:
The Greek goddess Nike asks you to be present to the beauty and richness discovered in your life so far. You have come this distance, so what are your wins? Celebrating them is key right now to enable you to co-create even more.
You live in a world where you may have felt that you were not allowed to celebrate your victories lest you be cut down for being self- centered. Perhaps you were raised in a family that discouraged you from shining in an authentic way.
Being successful at the game of life requires you to refuse the message that you are too much or not enough. Your biggest win is to be yourself, accept yourself exactly as you are, release the idea that you are flawed in any way and express yourself with authenticity.
This is the true power of the victory goddess Nike expressed through you!
The goddess Nike has another message to share. If you’ve been struggling to move to the next level of your life, working hard, and putting the time and effort in, you will soon find you are finally winning!
Your determination and commitment to your intentions are manifesting in your life with beautiful results. When you are winning, the world wins too. Just remember to share your bounty! 💛 Goddess Power Oracles