Daily Oracle Card ~ MINTAKAN
Longing for home. Belonging. The original Lightworkers.
Mintakans are a soul group who originated on a planet in the constellation Orion. They were the first star beings to travel to Earth, and believed to be the original Lightworkers. The Mintakans’ home planet is thought to have been a water world with water so pure that you could see through it for miles. For this reason, Mintakans feel most at peace and at home when in or around crystal-clear water. They are here to teach us to see the potential in everything and the light in all beings.
Many Mintakans have an odd longing for ‘home,’ and struggle with feeling like they don’t belong. It is thought that this is due to their home planet no longer being in existence. If you pulled this card, it could mean that you are a Mintakan or are longing for a sense of belonging and root chakra healing is necessary for you to feel secure and safe.
Perhaps you feel this longing to find home without knowing where that is. Perhaps you’ve been moving around a lot and yearn for a place on Earth to call your own.
If so, you are being called to connect with Mother Earth and create it for yourself now. To choose where you feel most at home and create it, rather than waiting for the feeling of belonging to come. 💙 Work Your Light Oracles