Loosen Your Grip

Daily Oracle Card ~ LOOSEN YOUR GRIP
Coping mechanisms. Density. Addiction. Let God in.
We’re cyclic beings, and Mother Earth teaches us how to be human every day with the coming and going of the tides and the seasons. If you’re clinging to anything, you’re resisting the natural flow of who you are. The things we cling to are so often those we most need to let go of: the food, the substances, the relationship, the job, the people-pleasing.
The things we cling to often cover up our most vulnerable space the part we’re most afraid to leave empty; the part we guard and don’t let grace into. But by keeping that space covered with something that doesn’t serve us, or clinging to it for fear of it not staying of its own accord, we prevent ourselves from receiving the things that will. 
A Course in Miracles tells us: ‘Whatever we leave empty, grace will fill.’And the Buddha said: ‘You can only lose what you cling to.’ Indeed, both are true.
Loosening your grip doesn’t mean that what you’re clinging to will go away. It may. Or it might stay. But you can be sure that what is for you, will find you. And you’ll breathe easier knowing that you’ve shifted from relying on your own strength to surrendering to the grace of life. 💜 Starseed Oracles