Lights Out

Daily Oracle Card ~ Lights Out.
You are in the middle of one big rewiring job.
You have embraced your spiritual path. You are having psychic experiences, then WHAMMO, lights out! Your head feels like it’s full of cotton and nothing about your current life seems to make sense.
You are still in your bathrobe and bunny slippers when you should BE something. You just can’t remember what it is. You are unplugged. The universe and your angels are working on your behalf.
They have just temporarily taken your rational mind out of the equation. You may even be in the middle of an energetic rewiring.
It is okay. This too shall pass.
Just shuffle across the room to your couch and ride this one out. Sure your kids and the pets need food; can’t they get over it? Lights out baby!! 💙 Audacious Action Angels Oracle Cards.