Daily Oracle Card ~ Leadership
North Star
In Western culture, we wish upon a star because the stars represent all that is illuminating and enchanting. They symbolize aspiration, illumination, inspiration, imagination, and wonder. Native people used the stars to find their way in the night.
The North Star was often used as a kind of compass to make sure one was going in the right direction. The North Star symbolizes direction and guidance. It is a guiding light for those who can’t find their way. It’s one of the brightest stars in its constellation.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Just as the North Star is a beacon for travelers in the dark of the night, you are a beacon for others. It’s time to step into the light and take your leadership role. You are a teacher, steward, guardian, and healer: a true leader. Own these gifts.
Come into the light. Don’t hold back. Let the world see your light. The greatest leaders are those who know how to serve and act as stepping-stones for others to reach their dreams.
If you have been hiding in the background, it’s time to break out and become the light for others.
Through this, your star shines brighter. 💜
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