Kuan Yin

Daily Oracle Card ~ KUAN YIN.
Empowerment Message:
Compassion is needed right now to help you release perfectionism and defensiveness. The purpose of compassion is to help reduce suffering in the world, so be mindful not to judge yourself or others too harshly as you stumble through life’s obstacle course.
In fact, tuning in to the energy of compassion and kindness almost instantly eradicates the stirred-up energy of controlling thoughts and knee-jerk behaviours.
Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion, offers a gentle nudge to ask yourself this question: “What would kindness do in this situation?” If you approach everything with that in mind, you will discover solutions and new paths unfolding before you. In fact, living with compassion as your guide really changes everything—right down to the products you buy and the food you eat.
Today make kindness a priority. The world will be a better place, and you will feel amazing as you see the miracles light up where you least expect them. 🧡 Goddess Power Oracles