Hypnotherapy with the Psychic Cowgirl enables connection to the subconscious to create lasting changes


Shannon Laackmann is a Certified Hypnotherapist with over 10 years of experience coaching people through hypnotherapy with success and with many hours of education and certifications from an Accredited College that has been training people for over 50 years.  Active member of the American Hypnosis Association. 


Intuition Development 

Supporting you to understand how you get your messages and signs.  You will meet your Spirit Guide and gain awareness with your soul wisdom. 

Smoking Cessation 

An immersive month long coaching program to enable you to become a permanent ex-smoker


Student Support

Coaching to figure out a career path, test anxiety, overwhelm, or school stress

Meaning & Purpose 

Supporting you to figure out your purpose and value in this life.

Each Offering is a whole month of support. 

After a consultation conversation,

I create a personalized hypnotherapy program 

In-person or on the phone.

E-Transfer and Square payment options are also available

call 1 780 727 3836

or email shannon@cowgirlhypnosis.com to discuss how I can help you 



Hypnotherapy Coaching

 $500 CAD