Healing Chaos

Daily Oracle Card ~ Healing Chaos
Spiraling Tornado
Energy in our Universe spirals. Water spirals in the wake of the fish that swims through the stream.
Air spirals in the wake of a bird in flight.
The moon spirals around the earth, which spirals around the sun, which spirals around the galaxy. Even our DNA is a spiral. It is the healing principle of life. It’s not an accident that the ancient symbol for healing is the caduceus: two spiraling serpents. It is the sacred spiral.
Most people assume that there is nothing good that comes from tornados, but every part of nature has value. For example, although some birds lose their habitat from a tornado, birds such as the prairie warbler, whippoorwill, woodpecker, grouse, and woodcock, as well as forest salamanders, all benefit from the new landscape created by tornados. Downed trees provide habitat for black bears and white-tailed deer and create dens for many kinds of animals. Tornados churn up the soil in ways that rejuvenate the earth.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
When you receive this card, it acknowledges potential chaos (or the need for chaos) as an activator for profound heading. If your life seems chaotic, know that it has an underlying energy of healing. You are being healed on all levels. You are a healer.
Alternatively, if your life is calm to the point of being stagnant, this card suggests that it might be time to create a bit of chaos in your life. It will activate healing. Do the unexpected. Mix life up a bit. 💙 Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards