Great and Full

Daily Oracle Card ~ GREAT AND FULL
Key concepts: the mindful practice of gratitude, knowing that you are enough, committing to your intentions, a sense of sufficiency, letting go of attachment to form
Before you can begin to understand the process of manifesting your desires, you need to practice deep gratitude and the willingness to share that with others. This is the true nature of prosperity. It’s not about the things you accumulate at all; it’s about how you feel.
You’re invited to surrender to an important truth: there is always enough for you. There is enough time to do the things you need and desire to do, enough opportunities to express your talents and connect to your purpose, and enough magic circulating through the invisible world into the visible.
Begin your day immersed in gratitude for everything you have and everything you can’t yet see: the unmanifest, which begins with every breath you take. Know that you are enough and all your needs are being fulfilled, even if you doubt this in some moments. No one’s success can make you feel small, and comparing yourself to others never works. 
Your life is brimming with unique potential—focus on that!
When you hold this feeling of gratitude, it acts as a magical “open sesame” to the floodgates of abundance. Couple that with a playful sense of detachment, and you’ll find that miracles have an uncanny way of showing up in your life. Your intentions burst forth into reality with little effort on your part. There is hope brimming with potentiality. It’s okay that you don’t always trust this. You are not alone in holding the candle high for transformation.
Right now, contemplate how being in the energy of “enough” makes you feel. Eventually, you will have no attachment to what you do or do not manifest in the material world, what you do or do not have. Then, like magic, you have more than enough. What a fascinating universe we live in! 💚 Oracles of the 7 Energies