Daily Oracle Card ~ Fear
This marker asks you to identify how fear may be affecting you on this part of your journey. Are you afraid of failure? Perhaps you’re worried about success and the changes it brings, as it pushes you to be all you can be.
Are you afraid of losing something you don’t yet have? Is your fear valid? Have you seen actual evidence of adversity and trouble, or are you seeing false evidence, which gives the appearance of being real?
Fear is a crippling companion, and indicates a loss of faith and connection to the Divine. Remember that the God/Goddess doesn’t give you anything that you can’t handle.
Fear comes from the part of you that identifies with separation, division, and form. To release yourself from it, remember that you are, first and foremost, an infinite soul. Look through those eyes, and the fear will subside as you remember to trust the way of the Mystery.
Don’t struggle with fear. Look inside; see the part of you that is afraid; and send love, light, and compassion inward. This would be a very good time to write an inventory of your fears and their possible solutions. Once on paper, you may find that you’ve been afraid of fear itself. This is an auspicious omen of transformation. 💚 Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards