Eye of the Storm

Daily Oracle Card ~ Eye of the Storm.
When you learn to use emotion as information, you no longer panic in response to strong feelings. The tendency to suppress uncomfortable emotions leads to whirlwinds of uncontrollable expression later. The sky is clear in the eye of the hurricane. Rather than float above or ignore the storm, leap into the center and discover its origins.
All emotions, even the darkest ones, have the power to inform. Feelings of fear, frustration, anger, sadness and grief are actually quite reasonable if you know how to work WITH them. When you get the message behind these feelings and change something in response, they dissipate on their own.
Calming the whirlwind involved drawing attention back to the core messages underneath the judgments. To do this, you have to be able to sit in uncomfortable emotions without panicking. Finding the purpose for your reaction will help you understand and heal. 💛 Way of the Horse Oracle Cards