Exposed and Revealed

Key concepts: healing shame, the impostor syndrome, letting go of self-condemnation, freedom from past unresolved wounds, focusing on self-worth, the underlying beauty in rejection
When you experience shame, you don’t just feel you’ve done something wrong; you feel like you are wrong—fundamentally flawed. Know that life loves you, and the universe doesn’t make junk, only magic! However, many social interactions (especially online) are steeped in distorted, unhealthy ways of expressing pain by shaming.
Here is the way out of this: See shame as the heart-wrenching cry for help that it is. Consider whether you could have been triggered in the outer world by unresolved issues that matched all your inner pain points.
If someone is shaming you, perhaps you have triggered them. How miserable they must be to expend their energy on such toxicity! They are drinking poison, hoping you will get sick. You cannot love someone out of their shame; you can only show compassion for both them and yourself, set a healthy boundary, and refuse to fan the flames.
Look upon shame as an opportunity for growth, evolution, healing, and freedom. With this in mind, can you let go of your attachment to control? Admit that this emotion isn’t something you have power over, and surrender to a Higher Power. There is a sacred quality to the vulnerability inherent in admitting you can’t do this alone. When you allow yourself to be laid open in this way, you gain a beautiful new perspective. Then the healed shame has the infinite power of the Divine to set you free.💜 
Oracles of the 7 Energies