Clearing Emotional Energy

Feeling cranky and you cannot shake it? 

Feeling overwhelmed and unable to be happy? 

Feeling angry at everyone and everything and you cannot let it go? 

Feeling Psychically attacked or that you are under a dark cloud and cannot be happy?

Feeling Emotionally Charged about a Relationship and You Want to Let go and Move On? 

Unable to shut your mind off and get a restful sleep?

An Emotional Energy Clearing will help

 We have a conversation so I can use my talent to make sure you have the right package for you to clear the emotional energy that is causing you issues.  Then I do the work and you reap the benefits.

If you are interested but unsure, I offer a free group energy clearing on Thursdays through Facebook.   It will give you a feel for how it works.  When the clearing is one on one rather than the group it is deeper and lasts longer.  You really get to experience an energy reset and you get tools to clear yourself after.  You come back to me when it gets to be too much and you need my warrior goddess energy support to get rid of the stuck energies. 

I do the work & YOU get the benefit.
It is seriously amazing! Packages are $150 CAD
I also accept e-Transfers, Cash and Credit Cards. Contact me for details.


Extreme Anger:  Clearing negative energy from your body, mind, spirit and aura.  Clearing any psychic attacks or negative energy sent your way.  Putting you in a bubble of protection with love, light, and clarity. 

Anxiety Release:  Clearing any Stuck Anxiety this life or past life that are influencing you in a negative way.  Clearing any stuck Overwhelm energies from this life or past lives that are influencing you in a negative way.  Blessing boost to Enhance Clarity and Self Awareness.

Empath Energy:  Clearing negative energy that may be interfering with you.  Clearing energies from other people that you may be picking up and are interfering with you. Enhance your ability to know if it is your energy or someone else’s.

Confidence and Clarity:  Clearing stuck energies of insecurity this life or any past lives and enhancing clarity. Clearing to boost your intuitive knowing. Chakra Balancing with an anxiety release.  

Relationship:  Clearing tangled energies between you and another person.  (can be family member, coworker, friend, acquaintance, etc…)   Clearing any Negative Energies sent to you by this person.  Enhancing your Ability to Choose and Enforce Healthy Boundaries. 

Sleep issues: Clearing any stuck energy that is causing you to have trouble shutting off your brain to go to sleep. Clearing any stuck energy causing nightmares. Enhancing the energies of a restful full nights sleep for you.

Client Reviews

“I feel Fantastic! Lighter and able to think clearer.”

“My Intuition is stronger.”

“My relationship with that family member is so much better!”

“I am able to move forward in decision making and make the changes I have felt stuck about.”

“I am excited about life and pursuing dreams again.”

“I am more motivated and have the energy to get things done.”

“I am seriously not as bitchy.”

“Daily annoyances no longer upset me like they did.”

“I am sleeping way better at night.”

“I have more clients after the business clearing. Thank You!”

“I am able to get more work done without procrastinating.”

“I do not feel stuck in my business pursuits, my goals are clearer.”