Energies and Letting Go

As I watched my big (2000lb) black Angus Bull stomp around in the farmyard right beside my house, I wondered what his matter was. I also had concerns about the sturdiness of the pretty white board fence. I asked him, well because I can, and he said he was irritated with things right now. the cows are all busy with their baby calves and are all pregnant.

The other bulls just want to fight which does pass the time but he gets beat up way too much. I did chuckle. then I pondered on my own life, and there have been extra irritations lately. I could try stomping around and hollering loudly like the bull, hmmm might be fun. I have wondered lately why I spend so much time trying to figure out why other people irritate me. In healing we learn to look for what about it is triggering us, and to look for the way to heal ourselves. If the same type of situation keeps happening, could it be that we are to learn to let go and not engage in their energies any more? Is that the lesson? hmmm…

One of the situations that has cropped up for me more that once is people who talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. My husband thinks I am naive, and expect people to be more than they are. Could be, I sure do get disappointed when their actions do not match the words that roll off their tongues, or match the image they are trying to present. I just do not get it. is it me? am I really that naive? I do have the philosophy that everyone gets a chance. I may have to re-examine that and explore how many chances I really give and if I make excuses for people, instead of simply acknowledging that they make me uncomfortable and walking away.

Does it really matter why they may make me uncomfortable, isn’t it enough that they do? Am I being judgmental on myself by thinking that I must have a problem if someone is irritating me. yes I sure am.

My September Resolution is to let go of anything that I can that drags down my energy, people, or situations. I will be like my bull and stomp off in my own way. Now that I think of it, his hollering is just like when we call a friend to vent and have someone listen to our frustrations. Sometimes it feels so GOOD to do that. I am now going to let myself off the hook, and simple let go of those people and situations that are not serving me.  It is all part of following my inner guidance ~ no matter what.