Endless Possibilities

Key concepts: unlimited potential, moving beyond limiting beliefs and the filter of an unhealed past, using your awareness to discern what is possible and having the courage to leap beyond even that
You look at the world through the lens of your life experiences, personality, and conditioning. That filter determines whether you believe in an abundant universe of endless possibilities . . . or various degrees of limitation and a finite range of options. When your expectations, unconscious or otherwise, are based on lack, it isn’t easy to see what is truly available.
Today ask yourself what you believe. Do you know intuitively that there is more to life than meets the eye? (And are you willing to act on that knowledge?) Are there limitless potential outcomes to align your energy with? 

As you believe, so will it be for you, as your energy will attract its match in the outer world. Conditions meet expectations. Either your world remains the way it is—in various forms yet essentially unchanging—or you become more. Everything shifts as you open yourself up to a more fantastic version of yourself and a more meaningful life, discovering opportunities that reflect your true self better. This is the nature of your dynamic relationship with the Divine.
Today stand with open arms, knowing that you are stepping into beauty, into rich and transformative experiences. You are walking past the line you and others drew long ago, leaping over what was and toward what will be. You are more than you were. Now, what is it that you want? The treasure is yours—you need to believe it. 💜 Oracles of the 7 Energies