Daily Oracle Card ~ Eagle
When the Eagle appears, it is a true signal of your connection to the angelic realm. With their help and guidance, you can soar above life to see the larger vista. The Eagle helps you make your choices accordingly, with integrity.
When you pray to your angels, they will always answer, for they patiently wait for you to call upon them for assistance. The angels reside beside you, always hoping to aid humankind in finding peace and manifesting abundance and prosperity.
The Eagle also asks you to remember to soar high above life and look at the big picture. Don’t get too caught up in life’s tiny, unimportant aspects. The spiritual world is real—your physical life is the dream.
When the Eagle appears, it’s also a signal for prayer.
It’s time for a moment of conscious contact with the Divine. Remember that you’re always protected and Divinely directed if you follow the guidance of the Spirit as it appears in the form of the Eagle. 💜Wisdom of Avalon