Divine Matrix

Daily Oracle Card ~ Divine Matrix
Do you ever wonder how synchronicities have come together? These meaningful coincidences move life forward in ways that we might not understand at the time. We can get trapped in the idea that the world is a place of separate parts with space between because the true quantum spiritual nature of reality can be confusing.
Imagine that everything possible under the sun is waiting to be claimed. You are not separate from what you desire to manifest. Everything is intrinsically connected within a vast living web of life- a divine matrix. Even that which you have not yet observed as part of your life experience is still connected to you; It remains dormant until you choose it.
Life operates on life’s terms as well. You don’t live in a vacuum, so you are surrounded by a multitude of realities that were brought to life by others. These can surely affect you if you allow them to. But as your thread, your luminous life force, your courageous dream is part of the tapestry of life, you’re being invited to be conscious of the pattern you are weaving. Isn’t it amazing to know you have such power inherent in you, just by being alive?
You will see evidence of the truth of this divine matrix today. It is in you. What you do matters. All manner of miracles are waiting for you to lay claim to them. Ready? 💖 Oracles of the 7 Energies