Daily Oracle Card ~ Delight
Sparrows in Spring Grass
The sparrow gains its power from its numbers. In clusters, sparrows eat and forage, and predators are distracted and deterred—even intimidated—by their numbers.
Security and joy in numbers is a lesson of the sparrow. Within their community, sparrows are always busy, living life fully. Many cultures align the meaning of the sparrow with joy, and in the Middle Ages, the sparrow was thought to relieve suffering, help one triumph over hardships, and bring joy.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Delight is expanding in your life. Clap your hands with glee. Spend time with others. Go to a community gathering. Host a party. The joy you experience will give birth to immense creativity, and your life will blossom.
Share your happiness and elation with others and it will grow by leaps and bounds. This isn’t the time to be serious or buckle down and get to work. This is the time to be spontaneous and madcap.
Do not make hard-and-fast commitments. Don’t sign any legal documents or make any pledges right now. Don’t make any promises—or you might not be able to keep them. Give yourself permission to have fun . . . lots of fun, especially in community with others. 💙 Sacred Destiny Oracles