Dance with Life

Daily Oracle Card ~ DANCE WITH LIFE
Do something to change your energy.
Life is always moving. If you resist this ever-changing flow, your energy will become stagnant and you will fall out of flow with the Universe.
The Universe has a mysterious intelligent force, a natural rhythmic beat, which governs all of life. One of the best ways to shift your energy, frequency, and vibration is to put on some music and dance along with it.
When we dance unrestrained our spirit takes over, and with each new bop, sway, and kick we are rocked back into harmony with the rest of life.
Get unstuck by doing something that shifts your vibration. Put on some music, dance unrestrained and fall into the frequency of life. In doing so, your body will begin to learn how to be moved by your intuition, which is connected with this systemic beat.
If dancing isn’t your thing, then simply do something that you would not usually do to shift the energy.
You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it and you cannot attract a different experience without changing your energy first. It’s time to shift things up and to find a way to dance along with the beat of life. 💖 Work Your Light Oracles