Group Dynamics



Dear Psychic Cowgirl

I am a project manager leading a group of  people at work.  We are working on a big yearly project and it is going well on the surface. We are making progress and the project completion is in sight.

The problem I have encountered is the clashes and disputes within my group.  One of …Continue Reading »

Success equaling less likability?

As Women do we sell ourselves short?  Do we make choices to keep ourselves small and prevent leaps forward even though we think we want that success?   Are we masters at self-sabatoge because we “know” that with success comes friendships lost,  supportive people in our life become less so, and our likability  factor goes down?

According …Continue Reading »

tools and tips.

the radio show on the 19th, I shared some tools I use to deal with situations energetically.  enjoy!


the soul to soul chat:

when you are in that relaxed state just before falling asleep you can ask to talk to someones soul or spirit.

say everything that is on your mind. let the words flow, do not worry …Continue Reading »

2009~ a year of transformation. a few things I learned.

Looking back  at 2009 all I can say is WOW!!!   My life looks so completely different this January of 2010 than it did January 2009. I feel more awareness, peacefulness and excitement for the adventures to come.   It was a year of creativity. I created my business Goddess Power. I got to meet many, …Continue Reading »

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