Breath of the Cosmos

Daily Oracle Card ~ BREATH OF THE COSMOS
My will to thy will. Micromanaging the Universe.
When we rely only on our own will, we’re micromanaging the Universe and resisting the natural flow of life. We’re not trusting the mysterious breath of life. We’re rejecting the great cosmic intelligence and relying instead on our personal strength.
When we do this, we find ourselves attempting to bend things to our will. We spend our time forcing, pushing, and living from a space of ‘trying to.’ Everyone around us can feel it. And the Universe can too.
You’re being called to stop micromanaging the Universe and trust the breath of life. To surrender to the greater will that God has for you. To move from ‘my will to thy will.’
When you surrender to the greater will of life, you begin dancing with the rest of life. When you bow to the great mystery and say, ‘Please use me, please show me the way,’ little by little you find yourself living your most fulfilling authentic life.
When you surrender your personal will when you relinquish control and release the way you think things should be and surrender to the greater will you find yourself being led. You begin breathing the breath of life. Starseed Oracles