Daily Oracle Card

February 4, 2022

Bonfire~A rearing fire horse demands attention, drawing power from his blazing herd.

Whether by choice or circumstance, tremendous energy is available to burn through any blocks to a wider view.

it’s no small task to stay present during intense outbursts of power-whether human, equine, or divinely inspired. Be ready to… face areas of resistance that have grown into a volatile source of fuel for the fire.

Fire, in any form it takes, quite simply inflames and terrifies people because it challenges the very idea of human superiority. Even the tiniest smoldering cigarette butt demands humility and awareness. in a moment of carelessness, you can set the backyard on fire, burn down half the neighborhood, or take out an entire forest.

It is possible to do our own internal clearing, our own controlled burns. the experience of working with the body unlocks memories and images and emotions that become fuel. this fuel creates a fire in us, a fire of all the vivid and intense pain held by these previously rejected aspects of experience. That pain is a fire that gradually burns up the structure of the ego-it is a visceral inferno…. according to the early tradition, enlightenment itself is when the fuel is all used up. Awareness, no longer tied up in evasionary tactics, is set free and liberated to its full extent.

Becoming aware of an experience, exactly the way it presents itself, is like lighting a match and efficiently burning through what would otherwise become an unconscious block. the warmth and light of this smaller, more manageable fire can even help illuminate creative solutions. 💜 Way of the Horse Oracle Cards