Full Moon energy

I am wishing for a lot of naps right now with this full moon energy. Lots of swirling cleansing Root Chakra energies which explains the desire for a nap.     Money, Career, Home, Needs and Possessions are all related to the Root Chakra.  Our Root Chakra is concerned with issues of physical safety and …Continue Reading »

Where Are You Spending Your Energy?

I am getting a lot of lessons on  where am I spending my energy for the last month.  This is helping me become more aware of my personal boundaries and when to say no, and when to say yes to people, opportunities and experiences.  How about you all of you?

Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a …Continue Reading »

Success equaling less likability?

As Women do we sell ourselves short?  Do we make choices to keep ourselves small and prevent leaps forward even though we think we want that success?   Are we masters at self-sabatoge because we “know” that with success comes friendships lost,  supportive people in our life become less so, and our likability  factor goes down?

According …Continue Reading »

Full Moon tonight!

it is a blue moon tonight.  the second full moon in August and it is a super charged moon, full of the energy of possibilities.   Creating those intentions and releasing them to the universe tonight will create big big big energies and results.   Dream BIG my friends.

write those intentions on a piece of …Continue Reading »

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