Energy Waves


How are you doing? Are you feeling the waves of energies that are rushing through our existence?  Are you happily going about your day and suddenly you are snarly or fearful?  Is your monkey chatter busy?  Do you feel like you are going through several emotions during the course of your day and by evening …Continue Reading »

Group Dynamics



Dear Psychic Cowgirl

I am a project manager leading a group of  people at work.  We are working on a big yearly project and it is going well on the surface. We are making progress and the project completion is in sight.

The problem I have encountered is the clashes and disputes within my group.  One of …Continue Reading »

Ringing in Ears

Dear Psychic Cowgirl

I have ringing in my ears often, what does this mean?

I am very happy you asked, I get this question a lot.

Ringing in your ears can be a download of information. The information is at a high frequency and is like a zip file that unzips and expands once it is in …Continue Reading »

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