Daily Oracle Card ~ Birth-Rebirth
Inspiration and new life are here! Rejoice, for spring is in the air, and you’re beginning again. This marker bodes well for any new project, endeavour, relationship, or idea to take shape and be birthed into the world. It also reminds you that anything old or painful can be brought forth or transformed by a new and creative perspective.
This marker reminds you that the process leading up to birth can feel cumbersome, restrictive, painful, and never-ending, yet the final shift brings an extraordinary gift of new life, a new vision born out of surrender, and a total release. Know that you’ve come far and are at a place to celebrate your ideas and all things anew.
This card asks that you align yourself with the Mystery of Spirit— the true source of creative energy and power. None of us are inspired without the subtle and profound influence of the soul’s longing and the urgings of the Divine.
Remember the prayer, “Make me a channel for Divine creativity; use me as an instrument of a Higher Will,” and watch a miracle unfold. 🤎 Wisdom of Avalon Oracles