Daily Oracle Card~ Balance
The energy of balance helps you to recognize yourself. If you are honest about your feelings and realize your own truth, nothing will disturb your balance.
Make sure you find harmony in yourself. Only then can you tap into new resources.
Don’t we all have the feeling sometimes that everything is going the way we want and that we are feeling great? And suddenly, something happens that makes us feel out of balance and upset.
It makes the pleasant feelings and peace fade away. Many causes make us feel unbalanced and restless. How we approach these causes will help us understand and work through them.
Try to find another way to look at your problem. We might see this initially as a disaster or a big problem, but we can also look at this as a new challenge. A new challenge that will help us grow on an emotional and perhaps a spiritual level. Emotions play a significant role in this process.
By approaching events differently, the harmony remains unchanged, and step by step, you will find new resources in yourself that you did not even know existed.
It is worth trying. 💙 Keys of the Arcturians Oracles