Awakening Genius



Daily Oracle Card January 18, 2022

Key concepts: the spirit of creative expression, bringing forth new information, birthing, knowing that your ideas matter

The ancient Greeks believed that each person had a specific genius that acted like a spirit guide, inspiring you with new ideas to further your evolution as an individual as well as the evolution of all humanity. You could say that genius is the spirit of creative expression, and when you tune in to it, amazing things happen. When your genius awakens, you realize you do not have to do everything yourself. You have an inspired, dedicated wise helper on your side.

Today, can you imagine cultivating a playful relationship with this extraordinary spirit? If you can, you’ll recognize that you don’t have to solve every problem with only the knowledge, memories, and experiences you already have accrued. Your intellect in this case serves as a channel for this spirit of genius, and it can filter in new information. How you forge this connection is to get out of your own way and simply allow it to work through you.

The word genius comes from the Latin gignere, meaning “to bring forth or birth,” and shares the same root as the word generate. You are at this moment about to give birth to a new mode of expression—and a powerful one, at that. Commit to partnering with your genius, and only deep satisfaction and success will result. Today is a day when your inspired ideas matter. Oracles of the 7 Energies by Colette Baron Reid