Authentic Power

Daily Oracle Card ~ Authentic Power
Body, Mind, and Spirit join forces to channel tremendous power.
True power encompasses more than physical fitness. Whether riding a horse, developing a new idea, or guiding a company, you must learn to tap potential without taxing it.
In countless westerns, the hero leaps onto his steed and launches into a full gallop with a snap of the reins and a throaty, “ya!” Thundering hooves reverberate power as horse and rider head toward the horizon, fading into a cloud of dust like a mirage on steroids.
The desire to live this archetypal image is palpable in new riders. Seasoned Cowgirls, however, are as cool on horseback as they are leaning against a fence.
Riding hard and fast more than likely means you will be walking into the sunset on your own two feet.
Riding well requires people to develop a martial-arts level of agility, discernment, and inner balance to match a thousand pounds of muscle.
True power is NOT a rodeo. It’s the product, and the gift, of seasoned self-awareness. When we take horse wisdom into the home or workplace, we realize that resources and relationships also benefit from careful conditioning—if they’re to reach their potential and remain sound in the long run.
To be collected and a human is to feel centered and balanced, prepared to make decisions and movements in any direction, while completely immersed in the moment and embracing possibility.
🤎 Way of the Horse Oracles