Daily Oracle Card ~ APHRODITE
Romantic Love
Empowerment Message:
The Greek goddess of romantic love, Aphrodite, represents a state of ecstatic being that she now invites you to cultivate within.
You can experience the world as a sensual, expressive, creative being if you allow yourself the freedom to explore what this means to you.
Perhaps this is a portent of a new partnering or a deepening of one you already have, or perhaps this is a time for you to claim this aspect of your nature, which may have lain dormant awhile.
Aphrodite invites you to fall in love with your life now and choose to look for the essence and expression of love all around you.
By doing so, love will increase tenfold, and you will see evidence of it everywhere you turn. This is your sacred task when Aphrodite chooses to aid and empower you. 💗 Goddess Power Oracles