Antelope Spirit

Daily Oracle Card ~ ANTELOPE SPIRIT
Life is speeding up!
Protection Message: Do you feel how fast the world is changing, like everything is moving at warp speed? It’s hard to control desired outcomes or set fixed goals because by the time you get “there,” you will actually have moved beyond it.
Now is the time to let go and enjoy the exhilarating ride as intentions you have set in motion in the past are coming into form with lightning speed. Your job is to stay the course even if the pace feels dizzying. You may find you will change your mind a half dozen times or more as you improve your offerings—and that is just fine.
Make peace with the pace, for if you ride this quickening energy, you will solve challenges quickly and effortlessly instead of being bogged down. The best way to use this energy is to let go of worry and stay mindfully present as you continue to take action.
Also, if something is not going to be in your best interests, no matter how badly you want it, Antelope will quickly remove it so you can move toward what is truly meant for you. If something is taken away, be grateful and keep moving! This is not the time to sit still but to breathe deeply as you move forward with velocity! 🧡 Spirit Animal Oracles