A Miracle Story

I am putting all sessions on hold until January 14th, 2023 
  Grab a box of tissues, and I will tell you why.
My son and 3 pals were involved in an accident this week involving ice, snow and a drive off a 250ft cliff into the Pembina River Valley. 
It is a phenomenal divine intervention miracle that they all survived.
We are all still in shock as individuals, families, friends and community. For those inclined to do so, send your best wishes and prayers to all of us, with extra to my son’s buddy with neck injuries from the accident.
My son told me that as they were tumbling and stuff was flying around the cab, he put his arms up to protect his head, tucked in, closed his eyes and prepared to accept his fate. 
He thought they were done. They all thought they were done. 
They were shocked when they landed, and they were all still alive. 
A phenomenal divine intervention miracle
People have told me I cannot imagine how getting that call felt. My son called me after they used his phone to call 911, and I did not realize that he was talking about the BIG bridge. Probably because I was talking to him, and he said he thinks they are all ok; they are talking and walking around. It wasn’t until I drove onto the Entwistle overpass and saw the police lights that I realized it was That Bridge. The same thing with the other moms; we all thought it had to be one of the smaller bridges.
 If you google Pembina River Bridge Entwistle, you will see gorgeous pictures but it is a very long drop into the valley. 
All of us parents stood at the top of that cliff, trying not to freak out. We couldn’t see the kids, or hear the kids and it was excruciating waiting. It took all my strength to stay calm, and I focused my energy on the boy’s safety.
We were told to clear a path for the ambulance, but they did not drive there. We were not communicated with at all by those in charge. I was standing with another mom, and we could not wait any longer for information. We called my son to check on them. He told me they were taken across the river and down to the beach the kids liked on the other side of the highway and to meet him at the graveyard there.
We looked at each other in profound relief that we would be able to lay eyes on our boys soon. It was also not lost on us that it could have been a different reason to be at that graveyard. We needed visual proof of life.
I was out of there fast. I reluctantly used my manners and pulled over to let an ambulance pass me. Seeing my son  walking towards us after he climbed  the big hill and getting to look him in the eyes and hug him was the best feeling ever.
When we were in the Hospital Emergency room getting checked out, the doctor’s response when we told him what happened was; You f*cking did not do that. How are you here? Then he apologized to me. I told him no apology was needed. That is an appropriate response to this incident. We are all thinking the very same thing.
A phenomenal divine intervention miracle
There are so many ways that this incident could have had tragic results. These young men were so tightly protected that I look forward to seeing what they do in the world.
Miracles do happen, and this is undeniable proof.
When you look at the picture, zoom in, and you will see a person standing under the green area of the billboard. That is where they went off the cliff. The truck is at the bottom. 
A pasture word response is appropriate.
If you are in my community, be kind to yourself.  Even if you were not directly involved, you could be affected by this Trauma. There is a collective energy to it because we all care. I will gratefully accept all good juju as I focus my energies on these boys and healing. 🥰