A Day in My Paradise

Life on our ranch is amazing!

This morning the munchkins and I got to watch a deer cautiously walk across the lawn looking for succulent grass, and mushrooms. I did not know deer ate mushrooms, but she did. Neat. Then she delicately wandered around all her senses on alert as she surveyed the area for the tastiest looking grass. As vehicles drove by she froze still as a statue hoping they do not see her. I am sure the drivers who did see her were busy praying, please do not jump out into the road. She didn’t.  She is such a beautiful tawny reddish colour. With delicate features and soft alert eyes. It is such a gift from mother nature that we got to watch her this morning. I am very grateful. A few nights ago we got to see Elk grazing in the pasture. They are an amazingly rich looking burnt red colour right now. So beautiful as they majestically and gracefully move through the grasses looking for just that right tender morsel. It is amazing how quickly they move for such a large animal. Again we were feeling very blessed to live here on this ranch and co-existing with the wildlife.

My boys and I drove out to check the cows, with all the rain the grass is thick and lush and the cows, horses and Llama are very happy. Annabelle the diva longhorn has not even jumped out to seek greener pastures. Amazing really. Usually it is her we see from the living room window, not Delia the deer. One of the fun things we get to do is each pick out a heifer to keep for replacement, give her a name and a claim. Everyone gets their own. So, it is a big decision, there are lots of girls to choose from. As my almost seven year old was making his decision, my four year old had to chime in with his. My seven year old weighs his options very carefully, asks opinions and finally comes to a decision. They four year old makes his lightning fast.

The seven year old was choosing between Angel the diva longhorn cows calf and dolly, one of his favorite cows calf.  His decision did get easier once he found out that Angel is staying no matter what. So Dolly is his replacement heifer. The four year old saw a calf that looks like a cat in her face  complete with whiskers and immediately claimed that one and named her allicat. He has a big orange cat named Alix so his calf had to have a matching name. Very creative I say.   We then toured through and checked all the cows and babies and enjoyed their contented happy energy. Seeing the mommy cows and their calves looking so healthy and happy is why we do this.

After we got back and I walked by one of the boys rooms, I noticed the toy  farm animals were um…. Umm…. Well  there was a bull and a cow and the bull was in the position to do what he has to do to impregnate the cow. Birds and bees are learned early on a ranch, and the best part mom and dad do not have to explain much. Although I may or may not refer them to their dad when questions start being asked.

Even with all the work maintaining fences, making sure there is enough feed for the winter, constant health checking, and babysitting during calving there is no place I would rather be than right here on this ranch. My boys get to learn a lot from mother nature and the exquisiteness of connecting and interacting with animals, and to appreciate the opportunity. I hope we still have ranches and the ranching lifestyle when they are ready to be on their own in this world and that they get to enjoy it.


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