Live 2011 Challenge

I have joined in with a group of cowgirls for a challenge. details are here. live-2011 we are picking 11 things to take action on in 2011.  then work on them for the next 11 months checking in with each other to see how we are doing, nudging, and encouraging as needed.

here is my list of 11.

1.  Do a business plan.  I have procrastinated, and resisted this.  just looks too dull.  I have found a right brain business plan that is pretty and fun.  I will do this one.

2. update the  ranch and Goddess Power books  regularly, instead of doing the whole year  in February.

3 .finish the thesis I have been working on for a masters degree.

4. write posts on my blog about all the interesting topics I come across in my metaphysics research instead of shying away from sharing. more woo-woo.

5.  use my voice in speaking, and writing without worrying about what others think.  it is none of my business.  throat chakra will feel way less clogged too.

6. Visit Jasper National Park with my family.

7. Actually use my holiday trailer to leave the ranch and camp instead of using it only as a guesthouse.

8.  Pursue the opportunities that truly excite me deep in my soul and leave the opportunities that do not.

9.  spend more time outside with my boys, horses and cows without guilt about housework and laundry being undone. really need those cleaning fairies to show up.

10. worry less.  I know in my soul that everything works out exactly as it is meant to.  so, why do I waste my energy worrying about it.

11. indulge in pleasurable things like pedicures, massages, and girl days. maybe even a trip to the MAC store for a makeover. FUN!!


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