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Limits are for credit cards and not a way to live your life. It’s all about the possibilities.

”I am on a mission to help women step into their own power and live the life they dream about. I provide practical, insightful information and tools to create self-awareness, confidence and choices which lead to empowerment.

I am skilled at focusing my natural talents and energies to create intense soul connections with immediate results. I teach you how to tap into the Universe for guidance and confidence to recognize and heal your own patterns. I have touched thousands of lives and helped change them for the better. I have invested hundreds of hours taking classes, researching, and learning how to understand and use my natural psychic talents, so that I can better serve my clients.

Know that life does not have to be a struggle. Make peace with your life as it is right now or change it. I can help.

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Soul Sessions

Release energies that may block you and explore your future possibilities. Are you ready to step into a more confident you?



Guided Imagery Meditation 

Gain insight, healing, and understanding of yourself through guided journeys


Cowgirl Coaching


Psychic Cowgirl Coaching 

Connecting you to the Wisdom of your Soul. Your Soul is the gateway to Divine Energies. Your Soul Knows.


Psychic Cowgirl hypnotherapy

Magic of Hypnotherapy 

Hypnotherapy lets you access subconscious energies to create changes.


The Magic of Metaphysics with Psychic Cowgirl

A casual gathering of friends to explore a metaphysical principle and its practical application to your life.


Take this opportunity to
experience a ripple effect in your life

Empower yourself to tune into your own unique guidance system; imagine and create a fresh and rewarding path for yourself.

Magic happens, manifesting happens, amazing opportunities happen, and there are no limits!

Each morning I wake up excited and empowered to live my life. I have a working cattle ranch, an amazing husband, and two cowboy sons. We run successful businesses that suit our lifestyles and fulfill our souls.

I have envisioned and created my dream. Start creating yours.



Learn how to Connect to your Spirit Guide, Crossed Over Loved One,
or Angel with this Simple & Effective Guided Meditation.


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