Friendships and Karmic Debts.

Lots of shifting energies this year, especially the last two weeks.   It feels like all our personal development work is paying off.   so cool, but can be uncomfortable.

Do you have friendships changing?   We are in a period of completing karmic debt relationships.    This energy started in December.   If you felt yourself evaluating your life, or business, or relationships  it is because we are in a shifting cycle.   We are being offered choices; to continue the way we are or to shift into new patterns of being.   I call it timeline jumping.  When we complete a soul based lesson and we move into a different timeline.   With this energy comes confidence and wisdom.

Shifting relationships can be messy for sure.  In this time of instant messaging misunderstandings can happen quickly.  This also happens when we become out of alignment with a friend because we have completed the karmic debt that was created in a past life with that person.   Before we incarnate we set up soul growth lessons and contract friends to come into our lives to help us with that.   Soul Contracts can have a time limit.   We are in each others lives for a soul based mission and when we complete that mission it is time to let go of the relationship.

This is where it gets tricky and we get to experience even more lessons.  Letting go and ending friendships is not pleasant.   I have found that if I ignore the signs that a shift in the friendship energy is occurring then drama and explosions happen.    UGH!    Our team does send us gentle nudges that we can easily ignore so they give us bigger nudges that we cannot ignore.  It may be an explosive argument, it may be that the friend crosses a boundary that once crossed cannot ever be undone.  Perhaps we were the ones that crossed the boundary, can happen subconsciously.    We have all been there, done that.   SO, when you find that you do not have time for someone check into the energies.   There is a difference energetically to being too busy because life is in a busy cycle and being too busy because you are no longer in alignment with a relationship.

I did a radio show on this topic recently,  you can listen here:   Psychic Cowgirl Radio   ( right click to open in a new tab)

It feels so messy,  causes us great angst, but it is a soul growth based experience.   After a while we can come to understand that and it gets easier to let it go.    In December I hibernated and focused on my family.  It created some interesting energies in friendships.  I had two relationships that it affected greatly.  One of them we have chatted and worked out all the energies and we are closer than ever.  The other one we realized that it was time to release and let go of the friendship and become friendly acquaintances.   Very different energies in these two situations.

I understand that one of the relationships was a completion of a karmic debt created in a past life.   From my perspective the soul lesson was complete and I graduated.  yay!!    I am not sure from the perspective of the other person because it is none of my business.   I have to let go of the relationship and not help that person figure things out anymore.   why?   Because our karmic debt is complete and trying to keep the relationship is not possible and trying to force it will create drama and emotionally charged energies so that we have no choice but to let it go.  See how this works.  Fascinating. isn’t it?

How did I know the difference?  With one of the friends I energetically felt pulled to chat and connect with her.  It was easy to send a hi, how are you message.  With the other one I felt heavier energy, it was harder to write and press send on the hi,  how are you message and those messages were not answered as quickly as with the other friend.  A sign!    Tune in to your energy, how does it feel in your soul when dealing with certain friends?   If you are unsure, place your hand on your heart and ask yourself.    Are there some friendships that letting go is the answer?  Is it time to change the energy of the relationship to acquaintance?   Your soul knows these answers.

We are energetically complicated souls.   While we may long for sunshine, lollipops and rainbows every day, we would be bored.  We are here to experience life.  All the joyful energies, all the messy energies, anger, happiness, sadness, self-doubt…etc.  We are here to experience it all.  That is why we chose this planet at this time.   Once you make peace with the understanding that  everything that happens to you  is because you attracted that experience for  soul growth, you can release the victim energy.  

 It is not happening to you, it is happening for you.  Personal development and soul growth may be uncomfortable but it is worth the time and effort.   

On another note:  MERCURY RETORGRADE IS ALMOST OVER!!!  Yay Yay Yay.    I have experienced bumps with this energy, nothing huge, but lots of bumps.

wishing you all a wonderful day





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